Repair guide: Full screen Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 screen has suffered a serious crash or a violent impact and then cracked? It doesn’t show any more and is completely black? Color strokes flow through the screen and block navigation? The touch does not respond correctly or pixels are gone? Perhaps you are not able to open your S10 by using your fingerprint? Also, how do you configure the new fingerprint sensor? That’s „normal“ since the fingerprint sensor is now integrated into your screen … In short, you’ll be able to not move between applications . Are you trying to find an answer to fix your S10 in the shortest time possible?

Here at We know of the fact that display of smartphones is the most vulnerable element to daily problems. Since it covers the whole front of the device and is even larger than the Galaxy S10 screen, it is the first part to suffer impacts and falls. However, it’s a delicate component that could easily break. Without a screen, it’s not possible to operate your phone. When you change the battery, replacing the Galaxy S10 screen is a normal procedure!

This is why our experts decided to share their knowledge to the Repair guide to show that, no change to the screen of your Galaxy S10 screen is not difficult. It is required to have patience, but it is feasible because of our thorough guide. The steps are illustrated and explained to precisely decode the steps required to repair the damaged Galaxy S10 screen. Follow the guidance of our experts to figure out the right way to go!

Why fix the Galaxy S10 yourself? Save cash ! You not only save on the cost of buying an entirely new phone and enjoy the benefits of a cost that is three times lower than to a professional, since the majority of the work is done by you! Also, you take a green step when you choose to go with repair of the Galaxy S10 repair instead of throwing it out. This should be a habit that applies to everything you use! Why would you swap your car for a cracked or damaged windshield? It’s the same with your phone!

Before beginning the Galaxy S10 screen change, we advise you to create an all-inclusive backup of the data. This is a precaution that can be used elsewhere for every repair of your smartphone!


  • broken screen
  • Screen cracked
  • black screen
  • Display issue
  • Touch defect
  • Pixels death
  • The issue of fingerprint recognition

Step 1

When replacing the Galaxy S10 screen, it is essential, due to apparent security concerns, to switch off the screen.

To accomplish this you need to hold and press the On/Off button on the left for about a couple of minutes.

After that, confirm the loss of life with „extinguish“.

Step 2

Insert the SIM tool for extracting cards (found within the all-purpose toolkit ) into the tiny hole inside the SIM & SD drawer on high on the S10.

Press lightly for the drawer to let go of it self.

Remove it.

Step 3

Now you’re able to see that you’re SIM & SD Galaxy S10 drawer has been dismantled.

Step 4

Have the time to stroll in the restroom, but not for shower however, but rather to find the hairdryer you have stored in.

It is recommended to heat the back cover for a couple of seconds to loosen the glue that holds it.

If you experience resistance during the next step Feel free to heat again in order to avoid breaking the glass.

Step 5

Our renowned spatula iSesamo is used by creating an open space between our glass frame.

After that, gently slide a piece of.

After that, gently lift the entire edge of your rear windows to remove it completely.

Then you can remove the cover on the back.

Step 6

After removing the glue the Galaxy S10 rear window is now set.

Step 7

Arme yourself with you Phillips screwdriver (also available in the tool kit!) For removing the screws that are circled in red.

Step 8

Use the nylon spatula to remove it from its NFC antenna and then remove it off the S10.

Step 9

The antenna of your NFC Galaxy S10 antenna is removed.

Step 10

Before you continue disassembly We recommend to unplug the battery to prevent any short circuits that could occur.

Step 11

Make use of the Phillips screwdriver to take off the 7 screws circled on the red (photo 1).

Then you can take out the speaker without any difficulty.

Step 12

The Galaxy S10 external speaker is now officially registered.

Step 13

Keep using the trusted nylon spatula until you have disconnected the Jack.

Use the chance to release afterward.

Step 14

It is possible that your Galaxy S10 jack is disassembled.

Step 15

Use the nylon spatula in hands to remove the plug from the camera in front.

Remove it.

Step 16

The camera on the front of your Galaxy S10 is filed.

Step 17

After that, disconnect the tablecloth on the screen.

This tablecloth appears to be „magic“ because it manages the display, touch and also the fingerprint sensor that is now integrated into the screen.

Step 18

Continue using the Phillips screwdriver until you can remove two screws that are circled in red.

These screws secure both the motherboard and chassis on the connector, which is not soldered(

Step 19

Then gently slide the flat edge of your nylon spoon underneath the motherboard until it starts lifting.

It is now possible to remove it.

Step 20

It appears that your Galaxy S0 motherboard is partially disassembled.

Step 21

Get your hair dryer out to warm the speaker for just a few minutes.

The purpose behind the procedure is to loosen the glue which is holding it.

Step 22

Gentlely move gently the iSesamo underneath the speaker to lift it off and remove it from the speaker’s position.

Step 23

The speaker in your Galaxy S10 internal speaker is removed.

Step 24

Make use of the flat screwdriver to free the vibrator.

If you experience resistance, you could get it to warm up for a couple of seconds with your hairdryer.

It is possible that the iSesamo spatula is not wide enough to be used here.

Step 25

The vibrator in the Galaxy S10 is deposited.

Step 26

The S10 over and heat the front panel several seconds in order to soften the glue which secures the battery.

Take care not to heat the battery!

Don’t overheat the LCD screen because this could cause damage to the LCD.

Step 27

Then, gradually peel off the battery by using the large spatula, flat .

Take it out.

Take care when taking the battery off to prevent bending or drilling the battery to avoid drilling or bending it.

Step 28

The screen of your Galaxy S10 screen is now broken and disassembled.

In the event of display, tactile, or fingerprint detection issues, go for a brand new screen.

The AUKEY PC-LM1E review Webcam Full HD with stereo microphones

The AUKEY PC-LM1E Webcam is one of the top sellers on Amazon’s webcams. The company behind it AUKEY boasts „clear videos“ and „natural sound“. Our review looked at how the AUKEY Full HD stereo webcam fulfills its promises and will reveal what the pros and cons of this camera are.

The features and design of PC-LM1E with AUKEY

The Full HD AUKEY Webcam PC-LM1E looks great. Two microphones are on the right and left sides of the cam , respectively while the fixed-focus CMOS lens is situated in the middle. The range of focus is 1 – 16 feet (0.3 to 5 meters). According to the camera’s manufacturer, its view angle of 65°. However, in reality, this number is much higher. This is why the image’s resolution is still a good representation of the space between the side and back. This is useful to present product demos or presentations.

Fixed focus, not autofocus.

Background: The lower the angle of view is, the more large the person in front of the camera looks and the more intimate your conversation partner will be able to see you. An angle that is 65° can be an ideal location for business, like the boss’s conversation that is similar to the exchange of conversations in the kitchen of the coffee shop. However, here the AUKEY PC-LM1E displays a larger image area. If you’re in search of an online camera to chat with family and friends then you might want to consider this Logitech C920.

For a home office webcam is required, a fixed focus lens is adequate too because there are generally not any major movements happening before the camera this means that the focal point is not constantly changing. Some office personnel may even prefer a fixed-focus lens since, thanks to autofocus, it’s likely that the camera will instantly concentrate on something else. This is the scenario when, for instance the person walks in the background of an open-plan office.

In streaming with Full HD resolution, AUKEY Webcam PC-LM1E is able to handle up to 30 frames per second. This is the norm, however professional cameras such as the Logitech’s BRIO ULTRA HD PRO can deliver more than 60 frames.

The AUKEY Webcam has stereo audio and sound

One of the benefits that modern cameras have is their built-in microphones. Users do not have to perform more „experiments“ in the Windows audio settings, and also from wearing headphones. With the AUKEY webcam PC LM1E you only need to choose the webcam AUKEY within the online collaboration software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams) in the settings for sound and image. Audio is sent through the speakers on your notebook or computer.

AUKEY advertises the Full HD 1080p webcam PC-LM1E equipped with stereo noise cancelling microphones that are said to deliver an authentic and clear sound. In this instance the users need to reduce their expectations. While the audio quality is good but it’s not as good as the sound you get from notebooks. For those who speak or teach often to people outside ought to consider purchasing a second pair of a quality headset.

The features and functions included in the AUKEY PC-LM1E webcam with 1080p resolution.

A few minor things distinguish an AUKEY PC-LM1E Full HD webcam apart from other cameras that are within the same price range. For instance, the camera is in compliance with requirements of USB Video Class specifications (UVC). The UVC stipulates the standards that devices streaming video content through USB must be able to meet. The benefit of these products to the user is that there is no requirement to install additional drivers.

The installation of AUKEY PC-LM1E webcam

Installing the AUKEY PC-LM1E 1080p webcam can be accomplished in two steps:

  • Set webcam on monitor, or on a tripod
  • The USB cable to your computer

The AUKEY PC-LM1E 1080p full HD Webcam Critical tests and review The AUKEY PC-LM1E webcam scored high scores in its tests. The reviewers particularly praise the excellent quality of the image as well as the ease of installation.

The Logitech BRIO is a professional alternative to the Ultra-HD PRO

An alternative for professionals in place of an alternative to the AUKEY PC-LM1E webcam, is the Logitech BRIO Ultra-HD PRO webcam. It has an impressive resolution of 4K UHD and autofocus, as well as a range of adjustable angles (65, 90 or 78 degrees) and stereo omnidirectional microphones. It is the Logitech BRIO webcam is primarily targeted toward professionals who stream or those who make money through webinars or presentations.


AUKEY is among the more well-known makers of cheap accessories for computers. Customers who are looking to purchase the AUKEY PC-LM1E Webcam with Full HD resolution and stereo microphones need to be aware of the details: The camera, for instance, is only equipped with the fixed-focus lens, and there is no autofocus. The microphones are normal laptop sounds, including the sound of a laptop.

We believe that we believe that the AUKEY PC-LM1E still provides an excellent price-performance ratio at less than 30 dollars. The image of the camera which the AUKEY Full HD webcam transmits is very good. This is certainly the camera’s strongest feature. Because of USB Video Class Standard, this camera is able to play Plug&Play in real time. This makes the search for drivers an unnecessary chore.

If you’re searching for an Full HD webcam for the home office with excellent image quality should seriously consider the AUKEY PC-LM1E 1080p Webcam Connect it to the internet and you’re good to go. For lecturers, however, who require an internet camera for high-quality YouTube recordings should consider one with autofocus as well as superior audio quality.