{Bullet Points:|Bullet Points}
{- Crypto markets have been rallying due to the liquidation of over $200 million in shorts in the last 24 hours.|The liquidation in 24 hours of shorts worth over $200,000,000 in crypto markets has led to a rally in cryptocurrency markets.}
{- Bitcoin broke above $18,000 and ether rose over $1,400, while other coins like XRP and solana rose up to 20%.|Bitcoin rose above $18,000, ether rose more than $1,400 and other coins such as XRP or solana rose to up to 20%}
{- Analysts believe the rally is due to indecisiveness among crypto traders, as BTC and ETH are trading with a consolidation pattern.|Analysts think the rally could be due to indecisiveness of crypto traders as BTC/ETH trade with a consolidation pattern.}

{Crypto markets have been on the rise recently, with the liquidation of a staggering $200 million worth of shorts in the last 24 hours.|Recent developments in crypto markets include the liquidation, within 24 hours, of $200 million worth shorts.} {This surge has caused the two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, to rise above $18,000 and $1,400 respectively.|The two main cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen a surge in demand, with their prices rising to $18,000 and $1400, respectively.} {Other coins such as XRP and solana have also seen a significant increase of up to 20%, according to CoinDesk.|According to CoinDesk, other coins like XRP or solana also saw significant increases of as high as 20%.}

{This surge in prices has caused a number of shorts to be liquidated, meaning traders who bet against the rise in prices have had to close their positions due to the increasing prices.|A number of shorts have been liquidated due to rising prices. Traders who had placed bets against this surge in price will now need to exit their positions.} {This is in addition to the more than $150 million worth of shorts that were liquidated earlier this week.|These shorts were also liquidated this week, totaling more than $150million.} {Data from Coinglass shows that such levels of liquidations have not been seen since October.|Coinglass data shows that these levels of liquidations are not common since October.}

{Analysts have pointed out that the current rally in prices might be a sign of indecisiveness among crypto traders.|Analysts believe that crypto traders might not be as confident about the rally in price, which could indicate indecisiveness.} {BTC and ETH are currently trading with a consolidation pattern, according to QCP Capital, which could be a sign of traders waiting to see which way the prices will go before they make any further moves.|According to QCP Capital BTC and ETH trade in a consolidation pattern. This could indicate that traders are waiting to see how the price will move before making any moves.}

{Overall, the crypto market is currently in a state of flux, with prices being driven by a number of different factors.|The crypto market is in flux at the moment, and prices are being driven by many different factors.} {Investors should be aware of the risks associated with such volatile markets, and should take necessary precautions before investing.|Investors need to be mindful of potential risks and take precautions prior to investing in volatile markets.} {All in all, it looks like the crypto market is primed for a soft CPI and is set to continue its positive momentum.|Overall, the crypto market appears to be poised for soft CPI. It is also expected to maintain its positive momentum.}