• MakerDAO seeks to combat climate change with its proposed constitution, allocating $14 million of MKR tokens for a Scientific Sustainability Fund.
• Founder Rune Christensen outlines his vision for the project and discusses stablecoin regulation.
• The proposed fund is one of the strongest statements on climate change from a decentralized autonomous organization.

MakerDAO Constitution Seeks To Combat Climate Change

MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is proposing a governance constitution that would allocate 20,000 MKR tokens (around $14 million) to its Scientific Sustainability Fund in order to fight climate change through 2040. This would be one of the strongest statements on climate change from any such organization. The details about this fund will be revealed at a later date.

Scientific Sustainability as Core Principle

The proposed constitution identifies “scientific sustainability” as one of its core principles, which means it seeks to incorporate sustainability into its politics and operations. Founder Rune Christensen has long advocated for action on climate change and believes MakerDAO has an important role to play in this regard.

Stablecoin Regulation and Disrupting Financial Infrastructure

Christensen also shares his thoughts on stablecoin regulation, discussing how DeFi projects can interact with the real world economy and invest in assets like real estate or renewable energy sources. He hopes these efforts will serve as an example that disrupts traditional financial infrastructure models by creating more equitable opportunities for wealth building within the crypto ecosystem.

MKR Tokens Used To Fund Sustainability Efforts

The draft proposes allocating 20,000 MKR tokens out of Maker’s reserves or emissions budget dedicated towards funding sustainability campaigns through 2040. These funds could be used to invest in green energy projects or other initiatives that encourage environmental stewardship—a crucial step forward in fighting global warming today and preparing for future generations tomorrow.


Overall, MakerDAO’s proposed constitution provides an interesting perspective on how DeFi projects can work together with traditional finance models to create new opportunities for wealth building while also making meaningful progress towards sustainable development goals set forth by international organizations like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). By setting aside funds specifically earmarked for combating climate change, MakerDAO is taking a brave stance against global warming and setting an example that other DAOs could follow suit in the near future.