You’ve tried to print something on your phone however the printer appears to be absent from your view. You’ve double-checked the cables and restarted your devices and even turned off and back on but nothing is able to be able to connect your printer to your smartphone. If you’re having difficulty getting your iPhone to the printer, you’re not all alone. There are couple of easy steps you can follow to solve the problem and connect your printer quickly.

Understanding Printer Connectivity

When it is time to connect the printer on your iPhone the most crucial aspect to know is the kind of connectivity to your printer you need. Based on the type of printer you own, it could be necessary to connect it with the USB cable, the Wi-Fi network or via the Bluetooth connection. If you also have wireless printers then you might also have to utilize AirPrint the Apple printing technology that permits users to print wirelessly using your iOS device. It is important to know the kind of connectivity that you will need for your printer to be connected to an iPhone.

Identifying Printer Compatibility

Next, you need to ensure that your printer works to your iPhone. To do this, you’ll have to examine the specifications of your printer to ensure it’s the correct kind of connectivity to your device. For instance, if you own an iPhone that has support for AirPrint and AirPrint, you’ll need to ensure that the printer in question is AirPrint compatible. Also, you’ll need ensure that the printer works with the Version of iOS. If the printer you’re using does not work on your iPhone it will not be connected.

Connecting Your Printer

After you’ve determined that your printer works with your iPhone It’s now the time to link it. First, ensure you have the printer turned on and all the cables required are in place. In the case of a printer that is wireless then you’ll have to make certain that the printer is connected to same Wi-Fi network that you have on your iPhone. Once your printer is connected, access your „Settings“ app on your iPhone and then choose „Printers & Scanners“. There, you’ll be able to choose which printer to choose from the available devices and then connect with your smartphone.

Troubleshooting Printer Connection Issues

If you’re having difficulty making connections between your printer and your iPhone If you’re still having trouble connecting your printer to your iPhone, there are a few actions you can follow to resolve the problem. Try restarting your devices. This can assist in resetting the connection. In addition, you might need change the firmware of your printer or change to network setting on the iPhone. If you’re still having issues try connecting your printer with a different device, like an laptop or desktop computer, to confirm it’s not related to the printer itself.

Alternatives to Connecting a Printer

If you’re still having issues attaching your printer and your iPhone There are some options to explore. For instance, if you own a wireless printer then you could print directly from the printer’s application. Also, you could use a cloud printing service, like Google Cloud Print, to print documents directly to the printer using your iPhone. You can also test a third-party application like Printer Pro, to print documents using your iPhone.

Maintaining Printer Connectivity

After you’ve successfully connected your printing device to the iPhone it’s essential to ensure that you keep the connection. Check that the printer is turned on with the exact Wi-Fi connection as the iPhone. In addition, you might require updating the firmware on your printer periodically to ensure that the connection remains steady. Also, make sure to review the settings of your printer and ensure that it’s configured to accept connections via your iPhone.


Making the connection from the iPhone for printing may be difficult but with the proper steps and a bit of troubleshooting, you’ll be able to connect your printer to your iPhone quickly. The first thing you need to do is to be sure that the printer you are using can be used with the iPhone and connects to the exact same network. After the connection has been established it’s crucial to maintain it by keeping the printer on and ensuring it’s set to accept connections via your iPhone. If you follow these steps, you’ll be at ease knowing that you won’t have to be concerned about the connection to your printer for the rest of your life.